Linkschool Online provides tools which reduces the stress
of general school administration and makes result
computation and analysis easy.
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Easy result computation and compilation with progress markers like average score, position, best student, class average etc all available in a few clicks.
Integrated e-payment with various payment gateways for easy payment of school fees, hostel fees, levies etc
Linkskool is very flexible and can be fully customized to meet specific needs of users.
Cloud Based
Cloud based storage technology is used, eliminating the need for additional storage hardwares and space.
Data is encrypted using advanced encryption standard mechanism for high data integrity and security. Data transfer is also secure and with permission.
Bulk sms and email notification capability for easier interaction and communication between school, student and verified guardians.
Recruitment Portal
Online staff recruitment portal to ease staff recruitment processes for schools.
Financial Accounting
Accurate financial record of day-to-day transactions. Financial journals, ledgers and other financial records are all available in a few clicks.
Students Database
Individual students record with complete personal, health and academic records to ease administration and improve individual students monitoring.

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LinkSkool Online is the premier online school management solution, designed and developed by Digital Dreams Limited.
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